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Investor Education for Working Families
Welcome to the AFSCME Investor Education program, the place where you can gain the knowledge and skills you need for a lifetime of financial success. You can download the AFSCME Investor Handbook, learn about mutual funds, stocks, and how to balance them, and find other helpful resources below.

Investor Education Courses
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Introduction to Asset Allocation
The basics of Asset Allocation -- one of the most important investing concepts. Launch Course
Introduction to Mutual Funds
Asset Allocation -- Beyond the Basics
Financial Foundations
The basic concepts of financial planning and management. Overview
Current Situation
Set Goals
Insurance Planning
Estate Planning

Video: Introduction to Investing

Learn How AFSCME is Protecting Your Retirement
Every day AFSCME works to promote your economic security. You can learn more about the program on the Pension Security page.
AFSCME Investor Handbook (PDF file)
AFSCME Introduction to Investing Video (WMV file)

In this section you will find tools and resources to assist you in many areas of investment.

SEC Investor Protection Website

FINRA Broker Check
(Find out if a financial professional has any red flags)

NASAA Investor Awareness Quiz

Annual Credit Report
(free access to see what issues may exist on your credit report)

SEC What is Proxy Voting and Why Does it Matter

Further Reading
In this section you will find some online articles and other learning opportunities. These articles have not been written by AFSCME and we do not endorse any approaches discussed in them or elsewhere.